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//Lock in Hair Moisture with This Step-By-Step Process

Lock in Hair Moisture with This Step-By-Step Process

Why work so hard and use the best moisturizers for your body and hair to only have that moisture be wicked away into the atmosphere and leave you as dry as if you did not use anything? Adding moisture to your body and hair can take some experimenting and can be complicated, however, once you figure out what works best, it is very important to lock that moisture in with a sealant. A great sealant has bulky lipid chains making the molecules larger so that they do not penetrate your hair or skin and they sit on top to lock in the moisture.

SONIA Signature Shea Butter is super emollient and has a thick consistency perfect for highly porous skin or hair where it would be easy for moisture to escape. When using Shea butter, you want to make sure to only use it on freshly moisturized hair and skin, otherwise, if you put it on non moisturized hair and skin, it could cause it to dry out.

According to Hair Essentials, moisturized hair is soft, has a sheen, and is not crunchy. This is a great litmus test to assess your hair’s moisture level. Moisturized skin is very similar; it is soft and supple, does not appear ashy, and when you scratch it, there are no lines.

Steps to Sealing

The LCO Method is a great system to follow when thinking about adding moisture to your hair and skin.

L– Stands for liquid and can simply mean good old H2O. The L could also be a leave in conditioner. You want to make sure this step is done on clean hair or skin.

As for your body, this could simply be taking a shower and using a moisturizing cleansing bar or liquid. Make sure that there are no harsh alcohols, fragrance, are dyes, which can also be very drying.

C– Stands for cream and could be a moisturizing cream styler, or even a homemade aloe vera gel for finely textured hair . A good cream is loose and has lots of slip and adds definition to your hair. In regards to body, you can skip on to the next step.

O– Stands for oil or (butter). Yes, we know that butter begins with “b”, however butters are also crucial for this step, especially if you have very porous hair and skin. This is the step when you seal in all the moisture. As we mentioned, SONIA Shea Butter is a great sealant, however a little goes a long way especially when used on your hair, and you want to always begin on clean moisturized hair. We suggest starting with a pea sized amount and rub it into your fingertips until it is smooth, and then gently rub into the ends of your hair. If you feel like you need more, repeat until you are satisfied. Jojoba and grapeseed oil are also excellent sealants.

Our Signature Shea Butter is not greasy, so when sealing in the moisture on your body, you can begin with a good amount and rub between your palms until smooth and then smooth all over damp skin.

Be Aware

Too much of a good thing…well, you know how it goes! Do not overuse Shea butter or any other sealants. Please also make sure to use a good clarifying shampoo and/or apple cider vinegar rinse to remove build up from your hair . Lastly, always use a sealant on clean very moisturized hair and skin for the best results.

Using these tips will help you lock moisture in for longer periods of time and you can go longer than usual without having to re-moisturize.


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