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//SONIA Organics Introduces Natural Hand Sanitizer

SONIA Organics Introduces Natural Hand Sanitizer

Have you ever tried traditional hand sanitizer and wondered if it’s actually doing more harm than good? Many of the most popular hand sanitizer brands claim to kill 99% of germs and stop serious infections. However, more than half of its contents is ethyl alcohol, which is also an additive in gasoline. Many alcoholic beverages also contain ethyl alcohol, and if consumed, it can be toxic to adults and children. We at SONIA Organics believe there’s a better way to make sure you’re germ free. And, as always, we keep it all natural and organic.

The Difference

Our sanitizer is handmade in small batches, with high quality ingredients. Aloe gel is the base in our hand sanitizer. We’ve also included vitamin E, tea tree oil, lemongrass oil, vegetable glycerin, and witch hazel. This natural concoction gives you the germ fighting capabilities that you’re looking for without all of the toxins, and still helping you retain moisture. Best of all, this product is safe for babies and children.

The vitamin E and vegetable glycerin help to replenish moisture, so you can use our hand sanitizer all year long without drying your hands out. The tea tree and lemongrass oils both have natural antimicrobial properties to help fight off germs.

Say No to Germs and Toxins

When you use soap and water properly, you’re all good. But doing it properly isn’t always easy. No quick rinse or dab of soap from a public container will keep you sanitized. So, we’ve got you covered.

SONIA Organics Hand Sanitizer will assist in blocking germs without poisoning you or your family. We make all of our products with you in mind first!   

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